Dedicated to those who played Scorgies or were a big part of the scene in those days but are no longer with us – Brian Horton (Blue Hand), Shaughn Irons (Personal Effects road manager), Lukewarm (DJ at Scorgies), Uncle Roger, Doug Meech (Chesterfield Kings drummer), Larry and Steve Fritch (both of the Times and the Now) and Chuck Cuminale (Colorblind James).

Brian Horton from Blue Hand and Buffalo Road. See Paul Dodd painting of Brian Horton and Brian obit article.

Jen, Luke Warm and Connie at Rick Cona’s place (photo provided by Brian Goodman)

Chuck Cuminale aka Colorblind James – photo by Gary Brandt

Shawn Irons (Personal Effects road manager), Kevin Vicalvi Personal Effects sound man) sleeping, and Duane Sherwood (light man extrordinaire) in van on the way to a gig. Shawn died last year.

Uncle Roger (in rear) in Scorgies dressing room with Iolo (NYC DJ), Paul and Peggi from Personal Effects and Eric DuFaure, president of Cachalot Records

Geoff and Uncle Roger

Geoff and Uncle Roger

Uncle Roger playing with the Fugitives

The Times (temporary lineup) Larry Luxury, Paul Dodd with a Times single, John Perravich (also played guitar with the Cliches) and Steve Fritch. Both Larry and Steve are gone.

  1. ds’s avatar

    Hey Peggi,

    Izzat you reading Playboy in the back of the van behind Shawn?


  2. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

    Adding this section was a fine idea.

    I had two introductions to Andy Ogrodowski, aka Luke Warm: the first being at the DJ booth downstairs, which he inhabited like some sort of deranged and caged carnival insult geek – I naively requested a song and received for my impertinence a colorful barrage of drunken excoriation – Luke refused with a goofy punk “fuck off,” to play requests, even those for songs he liked. Some time soon after I was sitting at the bar upstairs and behind me came a voice suggesting that I was “nothin’ but a fuckin’ hippie.” I turned toward this big, grinning mug floating there and within minutes we were somehow bonding over our mutual love of T. Rex and early Alice Cooper. I wound up playing in a band with Luke, Barry Voorhees and Ernie Orlando, which we called The Chaotics. Jesus, we were awful; not a one of us could play our instrument and we had no notion of dynamics nor even the concept of listening to what one another were playing. We lasted for two gigs – the first at the great lost and lamented Ruth & Irv’s Astrological Fish & Steak House (which was located, unless I’m mistaken (which I entirely may well be) on Liberty Pole Way in what later became one of Idol’s two locations); the other was at Schatzee’s – Dave Ammo played drums for that one (he was the one of us who could actually play). We had a lot of people there – Luke was whacked out of his gourd on booze and pills; he was wearing a cape and pearls and had crudely applied mascara running all down his pale and glistering visage. He attempted to hold the crowd while I ran back to my mother’s house (we “practiced” in the basement – my mother was always yelling down the stairs “Tune that thing!”) to get Ammo’s drum throne, which he had forgotten to pack, and while Luke did his palsied rap Barry worked on fixing his amp, which chose the pre-set tuneup to blow a fuse. When I went to start up my Pinto to drive all the way back to Pittsford for the drum stool my muffler exploded, the concussion setting off alarms all down Richmond Street and Haag’s Alley and leaving me barrell-assing down 490 east sounding like a Flying Fortress in frayed-fuselage free fall. By the time I got back to Schatzee’s most of the crowd had drifted away and we did an abbreviated set, which was obviously just as well. One of our songs was a Luke Warm original entitled “Hard On.” The lyrics went something like “I was dreamin’/We were screamin’/She was creamin’/And we just kept fuckin’/Hard on/Hard on/Hard on/I had it up all night . . . ”

    I recall visiting Luke at Rochester General, must have been ’81 or so, when he nearly died of peritonitis. The doctor told him then that he had to knock it off with the substances. After his release I hung out with him several times at his mother’s house on Sobieski Street while he convalesced, shooting the shit and listening to his old George Jones records. Luke was a sweet guy and a sad loss, and whenever I hear Dion’s “The Wanderer” I think of him in the booth as I’m hit with the Proustian rush that brings forth reaching the bottom of the steps, paying the cover charge and tjen, the thumping, sweating, pulsing and writhing cavern of Scorgies’ downstairs opening before me.

    I don’t recall ever meeting Larry Luxury but I do know that he played in The Now with Marty Duda and they had a 45 containing the great title “Switchblades and Swizzle Sticks.”

    Shawn Irons was a mensch – he got me several stage gigs, including running a spotlight for the Go-Gos and INXS at the Dome Arena. A swell guy, all right, and a real character, in the best sense of the word.

    As for Brian, I played with him, too, in several short-lived bands. Brian was my friend, and I’m still not over it.


    1. Patti (Garcia) Heagle’s avatar

      Andy, Luke Warm was a very dear friend of mine, he was the best man in my wedding to Isnard Garcia and the God Father of my first born Raquel Garcia. Andy was truly a best friend to me, I loved like he was my brother. When we lost Andy I lost a part of myself, and my husband at the time lost his best friend. I have the best memories of our youthful days and just wish he could be here with us today. Thank you for sharing this memory. I hold Andy deep in my heart.


    2. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

      And Chuck was my longtime neighbor when I lived on Meigs and he and his family lived around the corner on Goebel Place. I liked and respected Chuck, even while he made no effort to conceal his disdain for the way I was living (and my musical tastes) at the time. I saw several Colorblind gigs over the years and with different lineups that really had some impact.


    3. Brian Goodman’s avatar

      I have 2 Photos of Luke Warm and will post them if I can figure out how to!


    4. Brian Goodman’s avatar

      Here’s my attempt at posting the Luke Warm Photos


    5. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

      Brian, if you can’t get them to post, how about e-mailing them to Paul? I’d be most obliged to see them.


    6. Martin Edic’s avatar

      Still working up to writing about Brian but it’s coming…
      I think Luke’s funeral was the first Scorgie’s Reunion. It felt that way.

      And Jason, thanks for mentioning Ruth and Irv’s- that was a great place. I remember what their steak sandwiches tasted like.


    7. Stan Merrell’s avatar

      I remember the Luke Warm Memorial show with Koo Koo Boy. I felt out of place there as I really dropped out of the scene in the early 90’s. I was saddened, too, when Brian passed away. Went to calling hours with Mark (Newj) Theobald. The next day, in typical fashion, we drove around Rochester trying to find the funeral. Neither of us brought a newspaper. I guess we thought we’d find it by divination.

      I loved Ruth & Irv’s… I loved the fact that all the drinks there were the same price. Genny Cream? $1.50. Heineken? $1.50. I remember drinking a lot of Heineken there…

      Most notable for me was seeing the Bulus for the first time @ Ruth & Irv’s. They were on the bill with Cousin Al and Da Huh (Mike Hauser’s band after Cappy & the Frenchmen). Matt Sabo was phenomenal, Pat Lowery was a demon behind the drums. Ken Frank wore a tuxedo. Hugh Edwards played wicked snake-wheel guitar. Later on, I’d work with the core members of Bulus in different versions of Lotus STP.

      Pat Lowery and Chuck Irving have been in Dave Anderson’s studio putting together the pieces that will make up a posthumous SLT CD (Luke’s last band). I’ve heard a few cuts, and they are killer.


    8. Brian Goodman’s avatar

      It was that Ruth & Irv’s show were the Insiders asked me to join their band!


    9. Stan Merrell’s avatar

      Well, if you hadn’t left Cousin Al, Jim Huie wouldn’t replaced you… then we’d have never formed Invisible Party… the list goes on!


    10. Peggi’s avatar

      The person behind the Playboy mag has to be Bernie or Bob (note the long fingers).


    11. J Laben’s avatar

      Here is a picture of Luke Warm, in the front row with some of the other illustrious Scorgies regulars, at the infamous Cliches Halloween show at Scorgies, October 31, 2982.

      I’m fairly certain that I have some pictures of Brian in the crowd at a couple of our shows, as well…I just have to go through a bunch of envelopes to find those…then scan them…then post them.

      I’ll get right on that.

      Speaking of Brian, does ANYONE have a copy of a cassette or better yet, a CD of a live Blue Hand show? (Buffalo Road doesn’t do it for me like Blue Hand did.)

      I’m in the mood for some “Oh Rats”.


    12. J Laben’s avatar

      No…no…the Halloween show actually already happened…in 1982.

      I don’t think we’ll be back together in 2982.


    13. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

      Thanks be to whomever for the picture posts.


    14. JLaben’s avatar

      Those are some nice new additions to this page.

      One more of Uncle Roger, introducing some crappy band at a WCMF show in Manhattan Square Park…summer of ’81. Or, ’82.


    15. Martin Edic’s avatar

      I used to have that live Blue Hand tape but it has been lost for awhile. I think P&P had the original because it was made with the PE infamous boombox hanging from the ceiling. It was our first show.
      The tape was great, not only for a pretty good performance but because it captures the ambience of Scorgies so well: Bottles being smashed behind the bar, pre-returns they would break them to save space; you can hear John and Clayton yelling ‘you suck’ at the band which they did to everyone, there are two people directly below the box discussing the band- they were my brother Richard and Rich Curtis. Hilarious.
      I’d love to get a copy of that tape but would have no idea where to play it! MP3 please…


    16. geoffrey jOff wilsOn’s avatar

      i put up some pics of Uncle Roger from when he played bass with me in
      The Fugitives for 2 years.
      I have lots more and of Luke warm too, in a box somewhere.
      I went to get some smoke from Rog and ended up teaching him the bass.
      I miss miss him dearly.
      cheers all.

      (the 007 is the year I put it up)


    17. Jlaben’s avatar

      Martin: Please talk to Paul & Peggy and see if they know ANYthing about a Blue Hand tape.

      I’ve never had one and would pay top dollar – OK, that’s probably not accurate – but I’d do SOMETHING to have a live Blue Hand tape to enjoy.

      One more thing, Martin…When are you going to share your recollections on our road trip to Toronto for “Heat Wave”? What a f*cking blast that was.

      PS. “Warren is a boring town.”


    18. claben’s avatar

      I have an obit for Luke from BackFlash (and a pic or 2) that I can post if someone tells me how to add a jpg.


    19. Martin Edic’s avatar

      I remember Janet Onnen pulling the fire alarm in the hotel for ‘fun’ when she was hammered and they emptied the whole hotel out at 1 in the morning.

      Also seeing Kraftwerk and then hanging with two of them even thought they didn’t speak english and we didn’t speak german. I think that was a different trip.


    20. C. Laben’s avatar

      Martin – I thought I remembered that me and you had to sleep in Jeff’s car at Heat Wave (you had front seat, I had back) while he slept in a tent with his girlfriend Twa? – no?


    21. Martin Edic’s avatar

      You’re right, I’m getting my trips mixed up. Do you remember the lineup at Heatwave?


    22. Jlaben’s avatar

      The headliners at Heatwave in Toronto were The Pretenders, B-52’s, Talking Heads and Elvis and the Attractions, but the best set at the show was without question, Rockpile. There were also a couple of Canadian bands on tap…Teenage Head and The Kings come to mind.

      I still have a couple of unused tickets to the show at home- They were only $20 and if you remember, Martin, we were given a bunch at Record Theater, for some reason.

      I had my right ankle in a cast up to my knee from breaking it playing for the RT softball team si I was hobbling around the site.

      And it’s spelled “Thoa”.


    23. ChuckC’s avatar

      The Clash were supposed to be at Heatwave but were
      stuck in Customs.


    24. ChuckC’s avatar

      It was a cool show, I thought all the major bands put on a good show.
      There must of been a lot of free tickets, someone I worked
      with won 2 tickets from the radio & he sold them to me for $5 each.


    25. lenny polizzi’s avatar

      Great photograph of my dear missing friend , Brian Horton. Who ever makes corrections , you need to add Passion B Brians first band with Rocky Kaler, Pat Moschiano, Tim Dodd and Martin Edic. This band did killer versions of the Ned Hoskins originals ” I’m a Man and I Quit” and “Warren”. Martin I kind of have that tape, it belongs to me however our friend Carl has it.


    26. MarkR’s avatar

      I was just looking through my ticket stubs from my early life…somehow I quit keeping them after 1983…it was $20 for the Heatwave concert – WOW!

      Heatwave was incredible. We slept in the field the night before, and woke up on the ground (sort of damp) covered in grasshoppers to the sounds of Time by Pink Floyd. There was no water. At the end of the concert we went back to our car and drank the ice that had melted in the cooler we weren’t allowed to bring in the night before. Never had to “pee” – I had no moisture left in my body.
      If I recall the line-up (and not in order and missing some, I’m sure)
      Teenage Head
      Dave Edmunds and Rockpile
      Holly and the Italians
      Talking Heads
      Elvis Costello
      The Clash – No show

      It was an incredible show. I was blown away by the Pretenders. They were a tight band. I didn’t really like them going in, butloved them leaving.


    27. Lisa Pierce’s avatar

      Although he was not a musician per se i do miss my dear friend Xenon Pavlovich, getting drunk on mead and playing euchre!


    28. Stan the Man’s avatar

      Xenon is DEFINITELY someone we need to remember! He will be missed. Please contact us and send a picture if you have one!


      1. David Polizzi’s avatar

        Zenon was a very good friend and is someone I still think about often;
        we went to Heat Wave along with Andy Tratch and Peter Pavia. Great time. Rockpile was great!


        1. Stan’s avatar

          Hey Dave…

          Sorry this took so long to approve; haven’t logged in recently due to work etc. supporting folks @ Nazareth college. Hope all is well


        2. Ned’s avatar

          I still miss Brian, a special, special person and a treasured friend.
          Love that picture of him at the mike. I believe I have a copy of those Passion B demos somewhere, too, Lenny. How about “Do the Deutsch!” Never got recorded, I don’t think!
          Guys like Luke and Roger — both DJs — were such characters. Everybody knew them.


        3. Martin Edic’s avatar

          Xenon was a cool guy.
          And I was not in Passion B. Rocky played bass in Passion B, Brian guitar and Tim drums with Pat Mosch on vocals. When Brian wanted to be a front man, Rocky moved to rhythm guitar and I joined what was now known as Blue Hand.
          I’d completely forgotten about Heatwave but it was probably (definitely) the best outdoor concert ever, even without the Clash who I never did end up seeing to my great regret. If they had played it would have been unreal.
          Saw the Pretenders three times that summer, twice in Rochester and at Heatwave. All shows were real rock and roll.


        4. Jlaben’s avatar

          I have one picture of Xenon in my stacks of pics, but it wasn’t taken at Scorgies. It was taken at Mendon Ponds, probably in the summer of 1981. The Cliches and The PressTones got together for some beers, a cookout and some “jarts” action and Xenon was there.

          I’ll try and dig that up, scan it, and send it off to Stan.

          Martin: Where the hell is ther Blue Hand tape?


        5. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          It was not only the bands that made Scorgies, but the people as well. I can’t post images, so I put up the D&C article on Kelly Grant here – . I remember leaving Scorgies early that night, had a headache or something. Anyway, there was supposed to be a party over at Tracy Schmitz’s house I believe. The first I heard was the next morning when Andrea Koller called me on the phone and told me the news. The rest of the day I was a zombie. I remember going to Natasha and Rose’s apartment, I remember getting in a fight with Andrea for something, for being at Nate’s or whatever, but I didn’t know how to handle death then, and I don’t now.

          I do remember when Kelly swung by the Press Tones’ practice room on Central Ave late one day, with her black Plymouth Horizon, how proud she was that she got her license, how I gave her shit that she was a terrible driver (pretty standard kid stuff, like making fun of haircuts and all). The sun was brilliant, that late day autumnal sun, lighting up her red hair, and her smile. There’s not an August that goes by that I can’t help recalling her snapping her neck on the steering wheel (at least that is what I was told) and thinking did she suffer, or forever looking at the tree by the Cobbs Hill ball fields on 490 splintered until it was unearthed, or thinking that maybe if I had gone to the party, things might have turned out differently.

          I don’t remember her as a hard core drinker, and for that night I can’t say. Maybe she was reaching for the radio, maybe racing with someone, who knows. She didn’t deserve to die young.


        6. Jlaben’s avatar

          Bill: Ironically, Kelly was at the party at Mendon Ponds that I spoke of in the comment right above yours. I have a picture of her from that same cookout, too. I was in Atlantic City playing cards when the accident occurred but if you recall, our bands played a joint “Tribute Show” for Kelly at Scorgies on August 18, 1982 – I think we gave the money from the gig to Kelly’s family. I, too, think of her from time to time.


        7. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          Jeff, if you have a picture, could you please send it along to me? I have virtually no pictures from back then. And I didn’t remember that tribute show, but I am sure it happened as you say. She was such a sweet kid.


        8. Jlaben’s avatar

          I am actually in the process of scanning some pics of you, Scott, Peter, Luke, etc. taken at various parties at my old house on Tryon Park.

          I will email those to you as soon as I make this magic happen.

          And I will try and find the pics from the Mendon Ponds party perhaps on Saturday. I just saw them a few Sundays ago when I was looking for stuff to send to Stan.


        9. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          You are the man sir. Much appreciated.


        10. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

          That party was actually supposed to be at Kelly’s house on North Avenue in Greece. Tracy was in her car following Kelly on 490 – they left Scorgies and went to get beer and I think to stop by Tracy’s for something or other. Pete Presstone and I went up to Kelly’s house after the bar closed and the place was dark. We didn’t find out why until the next morning. Yeah, Kelly was an immensely likeable person, and a lot of fun to be around.

          Somehow I don’t remember the Mendon Ponds party . . .


        11. Jlaben’s avatar

          Well, I think you were there…You’re in some of the pictures that I’m trying to send to Bill. You’re in a bunch of my house party pics, too.

          I’ll dig through some more pics tonight. The scanned photos I sent to Bill are all coming out in black & white. No good.


        12. Jason L. Brown’s avatar

          I do remember several parties at your house, Jeff. Good ones, too. Thanks in advance for digging up the photos – those would be something to see.


        13. Martin Edic’s avatar

          I’m working on tracking down the Blue Hand tape. Paul Dodd gave me his original and I lost track of it. He has another one from the Warehouse he is trying to find. Lenny Polizzi has a copy of the Scorgies tape that Carl Glitzer supposedly has.
          Pretty convoluted.

          I’m sorry to say I don’t remember Kelly though I do remember the accident. A picture posted here would be good.


        14. tracey s’s avatar

          It’s so strange to be recently back in Rochester and reading all of this.

          I am glad to see Kelly Grant on here. Her favorite bands, and friends, did the tribute concert for her so I could set up a scholarship fund in her name at Nazareth Academy, our h.s.


        15. traceyschmitz’s avatar

          did i say how strange it is to be back in Roch and reaing this?

          Kelly should be remembered here. Her favorite local bands and friends did the tribute concert and I gave the money to our HS Nazareth to set up a scholarship fund in Kelly’s name.


        16. Jlaben’s avatar

          I stand corrected regarding the party at “Mendon Ponds” where I thought that I shot and still had, a couple of pictures of Kelly.

          iI was informed that it was Ellison Park and I can’t even remember where the hell that park IS. But that’s right. Ellison Park!

          The pictures have been passed along to interested parties. And that’s cool news about where the money went, Tracey. I’m a bit hazy on all of the details from approximately 1977-1986, inclusive.

          Let’s just say IT WAS A TYPO.


        17. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          You’re not the only one who is hazy on details.


        18. Jlaben’s avatar

          I remember what happened yesterday though. Bills and Raiders both lost.



        19. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          were there games yesterday?


        20. Jlaben’s avatar

          OK, you’re in worse shape than I am. It’s official.


        21. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          and who are you again? (game, set, match).


        22. Jlaben’s avatar

          Man, you really HAVE lost your long-term AND short term memory.

          Try some Ginkgo Biloba Supplements.


        23. Simon Ribas’s avatar

          kidding of course, but it’s been a nice diversion going back and forth with you.

          I think sometime this week I’ll go shoot some pics of the old practice room (if it’s still there), and fire up a post. And for the record, I didn’t have a problem with Thunders, but if you want to talk about dickheads, Pat Travers coming down to sit in with Cappy (I wasn’t with the band at that point), was a real moment.


        24. Jonathan Caws-Elwitt’s avatar

          I recorded at Saxon in 1993, and I wanted a vibraphone. David Anderson called Chuck Cuminale–who didn’t know me from Adam–and Chuck generously drove his instrument over to the studio so that we could use it, free of charge. A prince of a guy.


        25. Bob Martin’s avatar

          It was me reading the Playboy. Which I always did – read. Never looked at the pictures. Ever. You mean there are pictures in that magazine?




        26. Stan the Man’s avatar

          Just wanted to add Pete Forbes to this memorial page. I didn’t know him too well, but I remember fondly some of his crazy Transistor Sister gigs at Scorgies and other area clubs. Pete was also a long time client of Dave “Devoe” Anderson @ Saxon Recording and his band was included on the 9×9 and 4×4 compilation cassettes released by Jargon Records.

          I’ll get Dave to cough up some material; after Pete passed away I believe he inherited the Transistor Sister archives.


        27. Cedric Young’s avatar

          Hey, is it true about you and Pat planning to release the SLT recording? I’d love to hear that stuff again.


        28. Ernest

          How can ONE club influence one person’s development so much (or hinder it like in this case)? I truly loved this place. It WAS home.



        29. Chuck Irving’s avatar

          Cedric…’tis true! We got the stuff we did @ Arpads w/ Matt singing…Matt’s killer on this stuff & Luke’s beyond great- he found the glorious RocknRoll guitar sound he’d imagined for all of those years. (Folks, Luke was a damn site more then a mere DJ; in SLT Luke became a towering great guitar player- innovative, creative, w/ all the fire & gorgeous monster ferocity we all loved him for) We mixed everything last summer @ Saxon w/ Dave manning the board. Pat’s coming home in a couple/three weeks on semester break & we’re going to master the thing & then release it. We HAVE the version of Beautiful You we did @ Erics w/ you & Luke dualing it out on guitar & your beautiful, eerie, articulate, transcendent E-Bow. Write me & we’ll hook up. Are you going tomorrow?


          1. Anne chi5’s avatar

            Chuck! It’s Anne, yes, the shrew on Morgan’s answering svc etc! I would really really like to re connect w you bc you are the person I’ve known longest who’s still alive & doesn’t hate me…please please text me 5852980344…i promise I’m not scary, creepy crazy anymore!


          2. Dow Jones III’s avatar

            I hear increasing rumors that the Co-Founder and guitarist of Rochester’s music legends The NOW, Steve Fritsch (reported in your RIP section as “deceased”) is indeed Alive and Thriving. In fact, the “Buzz on the Street” is that Steve is currently in the studio putting the final touches on a New Sonic Masterwork, with some of the former members of TheTimes, Zenith Effluveum and The Cliches. Could this cast of characters be making therounds at tomorrow’s bash??? “People in the Know” seem to think it a real possibility! What a night it will be. Rock On Rochester!!!


          3. MADAMEX’s avatar

            Someone is Rochester sent me this site and its a blast from the past to say the least.
            I have many pics of Luke Warm,The Bowery Boys etc. As i had the vintage clothing store Madame X at the Village Gate and on Monroe ave from 1981-1986, where Luke and the boys practiced in the basement of the shop, Pics of the Dungeon where the bowery boys practiced,many items and stories to recall…


          4. chuck’s avatar

            Thanks Dow Jones III, I can also confirm that The Now Co-Founder Steven Fritsch is DEFINITELY ALIVE AND WELL!

            Also, thanks to whoever posed the pic of The Now. Larry Fritsch aka Larry Luxury was my best friend for 18 years. He was truly an original! Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. That pic brings back so many great memories.


          5. Robert Hill’s avatar

            Greetings from Nashville. After many many years, I decided to research old bandmates on the internet and stumbled onto this great site. In my last band, Cappy and the Frenchman, I was the bass player. Maybe someone recalls.
            I recognize many names here on the site and have enjoyed looking around. I still play, but only around the house. However, I have much better equipment these days!
            I left Rochester many years ago and fly airplanes for a living.

            I was quite saddened to learn of the deaths of so many folks I was aquainted with one upon a time. Some I knew quite well. Can anyone here explain what happened to Bill Curchin and Shawn Irons. Bill, of course, played keyboards in Cappy, and Shawn performed many tasks at one point acting as our manager.

            If anyone wishes to share any info, I’d like to learn what happened with these fellows.


          6. Robert Hill’s avatar

            Regarding Simon’s comment on the Pat Travers sit in with Cappy and the Frenchman, (Hi Simon!). I recall one of Travers’ people kept coming to us saying he wanted to join us on stage, and we kept refusing. Finally, he just entered the stage catching us off guard.
            We attempted to quickly discuss what to do, suggesting ‘Johnny B Goode’ and ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. All of a sudden, he just launches into ‘Satisfaction’. I remember all of us looking at each other, and then I found myself struggling to which chords were be played since I had never learned the tune on bass. For a band that rehearsed regularly, and were very scripted, and were not used too jamming, it was most embarrassing at the time.


          7. Simon Ribas’s avatar

            Hi Bob. I think Shawn died in his sleep out in California, and there’s a link here – on Paul Dodd’s blog. Somewhere on this blog someone responded about Bill Curchin, and said he passed away a few years back – here is the link .


          8. Drew Townson’s avatar

            Uncle Roger was so supportive of the whole scene, and even my own lrookie musical ventures. He gave me (and many others) my first commercial airplay. I remember waaay back, when I first listened to FM radio in the early/mid ’70s Uncle Roger was the main, or one of the main voices of ‘CMF (as opposed to being just the local music host). I can’t recall exactly, but wasn’t he actually the morning guy for a while?


          9. Sir Throckmorton Piles’s avatar

            “Best to All” from the UK! – It’s grand to hear that the surviving members of the legendary NOW (the true pioneers of the Rochester New Wave scene ’74-’80) are back at work in the studio. I can’t wait to hear their latest offering. Although Larry Luxury is greatly missed, no one can rightfully deny his immortality (a True Amarican Original)!!! I am quite sure that Stiv Static & Co. will create a fitting tribute to Mr. Luxury’s Genius & Grandeur. Carry On Gents (from all of us “Across the Pond”)!


          10. Jiminie C.’s avatar

            Sir Piles is correct. I recently heard a test pressing being played of The JARTS – Missile Game? @ The HOG. It apparently features Steve Fritsch, John Perevich and Steve’s other brother John Fritsch (formerly of the ’70’s pioneer prog band Zenith Effluvium). From what I heard, the new release smacks of the Now/Times but with a new energy and newdigital quality. I can’t wait for it to be released for sale. Out of Print Records??? The boys @ the HOG were very tight lipped about the details of this new project. The Spirit of Larry Luxury & The Now lives on! God Bless America!


          11. Kele’s avatar

            I can believe it’s been 15 years since the world lost Luke… I still miss him terribly


          12. Brian Goodman’s avatar

            Mark Ekwortzell (aka Mark Ellis WCMF) passed away on Tuesday August 31, 2010 in Albany, New York


          13. Stan The Man’s avatar


            Just saw your post! Sad news about Mark, and now Tasha…


          14. Connie McKenzie’s avatar

            Wow what good memories brought back by the photo .. and remembering lukewarm! It was a sad loss. We miss him and his talent.
            Nice to see a photo of my sister Jeni, myself and Luke!


          15. Nephew Jasper’s avatar

            From my entire family, thank you for posting the memories of our fun loving and dearly missed Shawn (Shauwn…Shaughn… dude, how are you spelling your name this year?) Irons.

            For those who knew him, you might also enjoy the following link:


          16. laura’s avatar

            I remember Andy’s laugh more than anything…it was warm and infectious. It was like a kid’s laugh…but deeper. His love for many litanies…:D
            We had a dance off once at my sister’s. He was so easy going he just went along. I had no idea of his passing until today. Although I can’t say I am totally shocked, I AM deeply saddened. I don’t know.
            I had this really crappy car he sometimes drove…it never bothered him what a real piece of junk it was. All my memories of him are happy. Just really sad to find this out.


            1. Debi Macdonald’s avatar

              Hi my sister just found this site for me I am the original transistor sister Debi Cowit.with Pete Forbes Liz Collins Andy,ray Rivera trying to find Dave Anderson so I can get some of our old tapes it’s been many years I would like to share them with my children. I just heard that Pete and Liz have passed away she was my bestie if anybody can direct me to Dave I would appreciate that thank you


              1. Stan’s avatar

                Dave inherited a ton of Pete’s stuff; he lists his contact information on the Saxon recording website:


              2. Kurt’s avatar

                Hey Debi – Kurt VanValkenburg here, I played guitar with Transistor Sister. Email me when you can


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