Recording in Rochester, Pt 1

New Math in Recoding Studio

New Math in Recording Studio

The scene in Rochester needed to be recorded, pressed to vinyl and then distributed to the masses. Today’s post is an article from Rochester’s City Magazine profiling local entrepreneur Richard Storms and his label, Archive Records.

New Math - "Older Women" b/w "Restless Kind"

New Math - Older Women b/w Restless Kind

There’s a growing movement among rock groups to perform their own works. And local recording facilities are helping that thrust.
by Gregory Lewis

HiTechs - Boogaloo Rendezvous" b/w "Subscriptions (are My Prescription)"

Hi-Techs - Boogaloo Rendezvous b/w Subscriptions (Are My Prescription)

One of the more fascinating aspects of the revival of creativity and energy in the rock music scene is the tremendous upsurge in recording activity that we are currently experiencing. In Rochester that activity centers on a newly formed record label, Archive Records, and on several local bands, including New Math, Bahama Mama, and the Hi-Techs.

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  1. Martin Edic’s avatar

    A vital mini-industry indeed! As former co-owner of a studio (Cylinder Sound) I can vouch that owning a studio in Rochester was always a labor of love- and a good way to go broke. Of course nowadays Garageband on my Mac does everything you could do with those hundreds of knobs…
    Recording those early 45s was incredibly exciting, a real music fan’s fantasy come true.


  2. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    I remember Dave Anderson saying the same thing (labor of love).
    I guess it wasn’t for the money!
    I remember the 1st Saxon Recording studio in Daves basement!
    Then it was a BIG move to the attic!
    The projectiles recorded both 7′s and the LP there.
    We always recorded live and only overdubbed vocals & lead guitars!!!
    Live is best!

    as a side bar…
    The Projectiles won the Scorgies battle of the bands contest, That got us $750 & 5 hrs recording time at Saxon.
    We did the 1st 7 inch & rolled over the money to do the EP.


  3. wendy’s avatar

    Crusty,old ,wash-ups never die!!!! (Or become famous) They still Pine and whine in rochester NY



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