Rochester Rock n Rollercoaster Ride


Flower City Jukebox Vol. 2:  “Rochester Rock n Rollercoaster Ride”

Hi-Techs: Boogaloo Rendezvous
The Most: Rockerfeller
The Targets: White Corvette
The Times: Rock ‘n Roll Reds
Hit & Run: I Don’t Wanna (demo)
Hypermarket: Something You Can Do For Yourself (unreleased)
Lotus STP: Townie Clan
The Fugitives: Screaming
Mission Emission: Postcard
New Math: The Restless Kind
The Projectiles: I’m Alone
Lalaland: Nobody’s Help
The Chinchillas: Love & War
Colorblind James Experience: Purple & Gold (outtake)
Personal Effects: Porch (live at Jazzberrys ’85)
The Rumbles: Third Uncle (live at The Warehouse) (Brian Eno cover)
Invisible Party: Waking World (live)
Nod: Power Doesn’t Need It (unreleased)
The Squires Of The Subterrain: This Old Raggedy Tow

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mega thanks to Tom Kohn for tracks 2,3,4 and to Jim Huie who supplied the lion’s helping of everything else.

  1. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    Actually, I believe the Hit & Run song is titled, “Go Blow.”


  2. joe hendrick’s avatar

    Bill, I remember liking that band Hit and Run. That girl Beth was the singer. She was a cutey!! I remember seeing you guys at a disco I think on the west side of town. It was 2001 or Club 2 on 2 !! You guys played new wave covers like Pretenders and Blondie which I liked



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