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Scorgies Reunion Poster by Bob Martin

Scorgies Reunion Poster by Bob Martin

The reunion is less than a week away and already we have three posters for the show. The latest is from Bob Martin and is to the left.

Bob, Simon Ribas, Pete Presstone, Gary Trainer, Del Rivers and meself will be guests on Whole Lotta Shakin with DJ Mike Murray. WLS is broadcast every Sunday between 3-7 PM on 89.7 WITR FM. Our segment will be between 5-6 pm tomorrow and we will talking about the show. If you are out of the area you can stream the whole show (with iTunes or Media Player) through the internet;   the link to the show is:

A note about tickets: while they are not being sold through Ticketmaster (hey, no egregious service charges), they are available at the Bop Shop ( Village Gate Square, 274 North Goodman Street ph. 585-271-3354) or at Abilene (153 Liberty Pole Way  ph. 585-232-3230).

This just in (From Abilene’s website):

“Make plans for the Scorgie’s Reunion After-Party later that night at ABILENE save your ticket stub and your first drink is FREE!”

Note: for of out-of-town friends who need to purchase tickets in advance; please call the Bop Shop at 585-217-3354 and the Bop Shop staff will help with your ticket purchases.

Also, If anyone out there doesn’t want to worry about driving, Jim Havalack of Quality Transportation can arrange anything from a Sedan to a Limo to take you and your freinds to the Scorgies Reunion in safety and comfort. Call 585-455-8294, mention Scorgies, and you’ll get a special rate!

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  1. Jlaben’s avatar

    $22 ??? WTF

    What time do the Stones take the stage?


  2. Rich’s avatar

    No Cliches? New Math, OK, but Personal Effects and Presstones?
    Truly a ruse at $22 clams. These are tickets, not a bailout!


  3. Stan the Man’s avatar

    In what universe can you get the Stones for $22? Let me know and I’ll join you there. Hey, if it the Cliches were playing it would be, what, $50 a ticket?


  4. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    For what it’s worth, I don’t have any control over ticket prices (or much of anything, for that matter), and what we’re making for the gig goes toward the production costs for the cd we made. Anything on top of that will probably go toward Scott and Tony’s travel expenses, since they both have to come in from out of town.

    Oh, and the Stones are still mulling it over. My guess is they’ll go on after Personal Effects. Well, if Keith is sober enough to play.


  5. Jlaben’s avatar

    I was talking about Fred and Barney.


  6. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    Oh, in that case, we go on at 8:00.


  7. girlontheleft’s avatar

    What’s the stamp look like? I’ll bring my Sharpie.


  8. Keef Richard’s avatar

    I mulled it over with Mick and Ronnie. (Charlie will do whatever I say.) We might
    play only if you can guarantee on the rider that you’ll provide the following: Limo service from ROC, Endless Grey Goose Vodka and Orange Crush, a non-stop, Alaskan Pipeline of Blasine, a new snooker table for Ronnie backstage, 1 pair of silk-lined trousers for Mick, (size 28), Plus, you gotta throw those Effects wankers off the bill. Wot you think mates?


  9. Bob Martin’s avatar

    Wait, Simon… You guys are getting PAID???!!!


  10. Bob Martin’s avatar

    The stamp looks like a map of Calcutta. Or was Cab Calloway? Or a Calloway golf club? Or was it a Carraway Seed? Or Carry Fisher? What the hell, just draw ’em all on yer hand.


  11. Jlaben’s avatar

    Buahahahaha @ Keef


  12. Simon Ribas’s avatar

    Well, that’s what I was told, but I’ve been lied to so much over the years that I think it just might be a front to get us up on stage. I know I do have to work the valet parking for an hour or so when New Math is on, and when you guys play, I’ll be doing bar back stuff. Pete said he cut a sweet deal with Tom, and I just go along with whatever he tells me. He said I might even get a free drink if I don’t make any mistakes. My fingers are so crossed on that one.


  13. ds’s avatar

    Great looking Poster Bob! Really eye-grabbing!

    And the fact that all 3 Scorgies fliers shown in it are from shows on the same date as the reunion is downright cosmic.

    Are they up in store windows around town? I know there arent many record stores left but how about dry cleaners, or pet shops, HR Block, etc?

    Save me one.


  14. Stan the Man’s avatar

    I believe I hung some up @ St. John’s home… they remember Gary and Sue fondly there…


  15. Martin Edic’s avatar

    I have to dryly remind these PE dishers that we played on that stage an awful lot o’ times, perhaps more than any on these threads.
    So there.


  16. sue metro’s avatar

    Actually, Gary & I have both played on the St. John’s Home stage a few times . . .

    They LOVED it!


  17. DJ Thurmie Thurm’s avatar

    When is the Abilene Reunion?
    I’m down for that…and only if Richie Z is behind the bar!


  18. Jlaben’s avatar

    I’ll be at Abilene at 4pm Thursday.

    I’d be there earlier but the owner won’t open the door until then…even for me. I’ll take care of him later.



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