1st Scorgies band????

I played a gig in Albany, NY last night and ran into Kevin Maul(?). Some may remember Kevin as the WCMF DJ that went on before Uncle Roger or you maybe remember him as the steel guitar player guy.

I mentioned the Scorgies reunion to him knowing he also was once a Rochester guy!

He said that he was in the 1st “band” to play Scorgies! He said the Dady Brothers were the 1st band to play there!

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  1. Brian Goodman’s avatar

    another 1st!
    My friend Roxanne Storms ( yes Dicks sister) said she was one of the 1st woman bartenders at Scorgies!

    AND The Projectiles were the last “rock” keyword being “rock” band to play Scorgies!

    As I remember this (confirmed with Dan Frank) we played on a Thursday night and a reggae band played on the weekend and the club closed after that!


  2. John A. Abel’s avatar

    Kevin is a great steel guitar player!I saw him alot when he played gigs with the Provincetown Jug Band on the Cape in the early 80’s.I just left Rochester a week ago and would have stayed if I’d known about the Scorgies reunion.


  3. Vicky Lee Crosta’s avatar

    I was a bartender at Scorgies for 10 years………….. Last night was my high school reunion so to speak. I have been a part of the reunion and have stayed in the background until I read the spot on Kevin Maul.
    Kevin and I did a showcase together at Red Creek. We had practiced a few tunes in his flat above Buzzo’s music store, Threw our guitars into the car and headed to the creek.. After the show Jeff S. asked us if we would open for Taj Mahal We did. It was a blast I haven’t seen my old friend in many many years…………….Kev, if you read this get in touch man, I would love to see you.


  4. richardkaza’s avatar

    the first rock and roll band to play, and the first time there was a cover was new math, booked by danny deutsch..i worked the door , using the back staircase..don use to book a couple of irish folk singers on thursdays upstairs before the basement was open…. they would set up in the front window…when the place got going, they were totally drowned out as no one was paying attention,,if my memory is correct, one of the irish dudes was involved in the armored truck heist masterminded by the ira..i do remember the dady’s playing many times downstairs, they were one of dons favorites, but not sure if they played upstairs



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